Client testimonials

  • Thanks to this coaching program, I have gained clarity on my values and strenghts. I am much more confident and I have developed my authentic leadership style. I have also taken new initiatives which bring me great satisfaction!!

  • "When I have contacted Cécile, I wanted to improve my confidence and my presence in business meetings. After a few sessions, I already got amazing results. Indeed, instead of feeling nervous, I felt great when I presented in business meetings and I had much more impact! Now I really feel fulfilled in my job! "

    R&D Technician
  • "I heard about Cécile's coaching sessions by chance, and since I was going through a reflection phase about my personal and professional life, I decided to try. I have never been disappointed. Having experienced it myself, it is true that we have the potential to move forward positively in life. However sometimes we need help to realize it. And for this I am grateful to Cécile, she has provided me huge support. It's something to experience to understand"

    Senior Business Travel Consultant
  • "Cécile's coaching crystallizes all I have ever hoped in the context of sport training, especially for climbing. This activity requires a real strong mental attitude, it is essential for success and achievement in that sport. Therefore, the 'performance' coaching is an ideal tool for climbing training. This sport is a real passion to me and I am focused on performance; so this collaboration with Cécile was obvious. The techniques that Cécile uses are very powerful, and allow me to access to my inner strengths and resources, and to boost my confidence. All my senses are awakened and sharpened; I can fly over difficulties and be more determined. Nothing scares me anymore, I feel myself in a real grace state. It is this state that allows me to progress and to succeed in climbing. Thanks to Cécile, I feel more happiness as a result of being more accomplished in my number one passion."

  • "I have been impressed by the impact of the exercises I did with Cécile! It was very powerful and efficient. I especially liked some quick and simple tools that I can use anytime and work very powerfully. Cécile has also coached my nineteen years old daughter and provided great help in only a few sessions. Thanks again Cécile!"

    Professor of Kinesiology