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About Cécile:cecile

We all, if only for one moment in our lives, have experienced a feeling of supreme confidence and contentment, brought on by something very special that we, personally, have achieved.
What if this brief moment were to last for your entire life?
By connecting with the deep forces that drive us, Cécile Cousy sets each of her clients on a durably prosperous path to success.

Trained in person by John Grinder and on Tony Robbins’s program, your coach possesses the most advanced tools with which to access your most intimate resources, finely mastering their workings and effectiveness.

After several years consulting for major Swiss pharmaceutical groups—each day searching for the best new employee, the best new manager or director—today, Cécile Cousy employs her shrewd and experienced powers of observation to seek out potential, drawing aside the veil of preconceptions and removing obstacles in order to place the personal and professional resources of each of her clients center stage, and to enable each of those clients to shine.
Cécile Cousy inspires confidence.

She encourages you to grow.


  • NLP Trainer certified by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • New code NLP Practioner


  • International Coaching certificate
  • Master degree in Communication
  • Bachelor degree in Biology